A Trip to Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas

Long time no see, friends! In case you forgot, I have an obsession with HGTV’s Fixer Upper. I know I’m not the only one! Lucky for me, my parents live in Dallas, TX, which is only about an hour and half drive to Waco. Since Magnolia Market opened back in October, I’ve been planning our trip. My mom and sister were totally onboard to go while we were home for Christmas and we even convinced both of my grandmas to tag along too! Here’s what our day trip consisted of…

The Silos. You can see them from a mile away (literally) and that big Texas sky makes for a stunning backdrop. They were left in their natural state (no paint) and draped in lights for the Holidays. I must say, I love the rusty, rustic look;)img_7014

Feed and Seed. A cute little shop situated on the backside of the property among the gardens. Behind rows of planted herbs and veggies, the feed and seed shop sells (you guessed it) flower and vegetable seeds, succulents, pots and planters, gardening tools, galvanized basins, and even birdhouses. It was absolutely adorable.


The cutest little potting shed! Swoon. Get similar red berry wreaths here.

Common Grounds and Play Area. A large part of the property was an open area of turf designated for kids play. Corn hole boards, soccer balls, giant Jenga blocks, and hula-hoops were scattered about to keep the kiddos occupied. They even hung swings on the grain shoot overhead! The Christmas trees were housed up on the main stage where they commonly host concerts and other events. It was the perfect environment for families.


Food. If I could offer any suggestion to the already perfect Magnolia Market, I would say build a restaurant. As of now, they have several gourmet food trucks and picnic tables lined up around the market. The food was yummy, don’t get me wrong, but a dine-in lunch would have been perfect. As it turns out, Chip and Jo are ahead of the game and have plans to build a restaurant later in 2017. I guess they don’t need my advice after all! 😉


Wouldn’t this pavilion be the perfect wedding venue?

The Market. The main attraction. A huge warehouse full of Joanna’s Magnolia line aka Heaven. It had two levels. The first level showcased my favorite home accents including vases, stoneware, wreaths, clocks, tea towels, and more, many of which I recognized directly from the show. Even the display tables were unique and gorgeous. I found out from a staff member that each piece was handpicked by Joanna from local antique shops and were strictly not for sale (cue the sobbing). On the second level they featured Joanna’s paint line by Behr, the Matilda Lane Clothing line (brand new), and Chip’s Corner, which housed “man stuff” like tools and tumblers. Somehow, I managed to walk out of that place only purchasing two souvenir t-shirts (this one and this one). The place was packed out, so my apologies for the lack of quality photos inside the market.

cotton stems // metal canister
ceramic vases
candles // glass vase


Order paint by the gallon here

The Bakery. As if this place could get any more perfect, they throw a bakery into the mix. You were offered the choice between several cupcakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. It was so hard to choose, but I ended up going with the “Nuts and Bolts” cupcake. Simply delicious. We enjoyed our sweets on the patio overlooking the silos. Oh, and more opportunities to buy merchandise. Pin rollers, wooden spoons, tea towels…the list goes on. Can I have it all? Please?dsc00880dsc00881img_7016dsc00890

During my visit, all I kept thinking was how perfect everything was. The concept of Magnolia Market at the Silos was truly genius. I can only imagine the revenue it is creating for the town of Waco, too. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have my “fan girl” moment and feel like I was in some way part of the show. Hats off to Chip and Jo!



Stay tuned for a post about the Magnolia line, where to buy it, and how to replicate it. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading!!


The Perfect Bar for a Holiday Party

Throwing a party this holiday season? I’ve rounded up my favorite holiday bar essentials and a few tips! Check it out:)

Holiday Bar Essentials


BAR CART — If you don’t have a bar space, invest in a bar cart! They are functional and easy to stow away. I love this one from Target.

ACCESSORIES — If you are serving cocktails, I highly recommend getting a set of bar tools. Make it easy for your guests to measure, shake, and strain their own drinks. This gold set from Urban Outfitters is adorable!

GLASSWARE — It’s a must. Solo cups were cool in college, but it’s time to step up our game. Provide the appropriate glassware depending on what you’re serving. I’m stoked to use my new copper moscow mule mugs from Nordstrom (ok, not technically glassware) on New Years!

CHILL OUT — Make sure you have a party bucket for beer, champagne, and other beverages that need to be chilled. I like the hammered gold bucket for a holiday party, but you can swap it out for a galvanized bucket in the summer.

KID FRIENDLY — If you are hosting families, make sure the kiddos have a cute mug to sip hot chocolate out of. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

If you couldn’t tell, I’m loving gold and copper accents this year. It looks perfect for Christmas and New Year. Before you go, check out some cute bar set ups I stumbled upon!

Inspired by This
100 Layer Cake
Diva Gone Domestic

Do you have any must-have bar accessories?? Share them below! Thanks for reading:)


P.S. While I’m in Dallas with my family for the holidays, we are taking a road trip to Waco to visit Magnolia Market at the Silos. Eeeeek! I think I’m more excited for that than for Christmas! Stay tuned for a post about our trip.

DIY Decorative Mason Jars

Hey y’all! Sorry for being MIA. Our pup had surgery last week, so between that, work, and Christmas shopping I’ve had my hands full! Anyway, as promised here is a DIY tutorial on decorative mason jars. I made these jars a while back just for fun and now they are a staple in my décor! Anyone can master this DIY project, seriously. Not only is it easy, but it’s fun and relatively inexpensive! Similar items sell on Etsy for $40 or more per set…yikes!

What you need:


  • Mason jars (any size and any brand, but I prefer pint size Ball brand)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Acrylic paint colors of your choice. I love Martha Stewart’s multi-surface satin acrylic craft paint. I have several different colors that I love. I recommend starting with a set (like the one linked here) to save money!

  • Foam brush
  • Large watercolors paint brush (it doesn’t have to be an expensive one!)
  • Fine sandpaper (P220)
  • Burlap, decorative rope, or ribbon
  • Artificial flowers or other accents of your choice

I purchased all of my items at Michael’s, but any craft store will carry these.

What to do:

  1. As with any paint project, layout plenty of newspaper or a drop cloth. Start with the mason jars upside down and use the sponge brush to paint a rough coat of chalkboard paint over the entire surface of each jar. It does not have to be completely black. Allow 1 hour to dry. (Waiting, is the hardest part!)dsc00764
  2. Once dry, paint each jar with the paint color of your choice using the watercolors paintbrush. I prefer to hold the jar by the rim while I paint from the bottom of the jar, up the sides. Then I place the jar rim-side down and paint around the rim. Be careful not to glob the paint! Wait 1 hour to dry before repeating this step and painting a second coat. Depending on the color of paint you may need a third coat.
    This is an acrylic glitter paint (notice the rough texture). I do not

    recommend this paint for this particular project. It did not coat well and distressing at the end was nearly impossible. Stick with a satin finish paint. Lesson learned!;)

  3. Before distressing your jars you must allow the last coat of paint to dry over night or for at least 5 hours. Sanding too soon will peel the paint off in big chunks and then you’ll be sad. Use a fine sandpaper to gently distress the jar. You’ll notice that the paint comes off over the lettering and any raised surface on the jar and will show the black chalkboard paint underneath. There is no science to distressing other than trial and error, but honestly you can’t mess this up!
    The metallic paint I tried (left) also didn’t coat well, but distressed ok at the end. Again, I recommend sticking with acrylic satin paint 

    for the best results. Colors by Martha Stewart: (metallic champagne // glitter candy apple)

  4. Lastly, tie bows with ribbon or rope around each rim. Fill the jars with any flower or accent of your choice.dsc00613

    This is the end result using the satin paint. Much better. Be sure to change out your flowers and ribbons with the season to make use of them all year long! Paint colors by Martha Stewart (satin): putty // caribbean blue // wet cement

TIP: Feel free to paint any glass jar in the same fashion. I painted a makeup brush jar and a set of bathroom storage jars the same way! If you prefer a matte look, distressing is not required. For a glossy finish, forgo the sanding and seal with a coat of mod podge.

There are several glass painting techniques and this is one of many. What other techniques have worked for you??

Thanks for reading, y’all. Only 6 days until Christmas!!


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DIY 5 Minute Christmas Floral Arrangement

If you’ve been reading along, you may have noticed that I have a thing for florals. I use them wherever I can around the house and change them out frequently to coordinate with the seasons. However, it is not necessary to swap them out completely  since fall and winter florals can easily overlap and spring and summer florals can practically be interchangeable. Read on to see how you can make a floral arrangement in less than 5 minutes!

The idea for this post came when my mom visited me in Charlotte last October.  While she was here we do what all mothers and daughters do best: shop.  As we strolled through Crate and Barrel, I giggled at the bundles of decorative “logs” that they were selling for $30 a pop. Seriously? They are sticks that I can pick up from the backyard. However, we both admittedly loved their various floral arrangements (some that even included the dang sticks). Crate and Barrel has some drool-worthy furniture and one-of-a-kind accent pieces, but some things such as floral arrangements are just not worth breaking the bank over, in my opinion. So here it is, Contemporary Charm’s first “Crate and Barrel hack.”

This is the original inspiration from Crate and Barrel. Keep on reading to see how I recreated this look for a fraction of the price and gave it a Christmas twist!
I’m unsure exactly which pieces and how many were used in this particular arrangement, but my best guess is 4 oak acorn sprays ($10.95 each x = $32.85), 2 harvest bunches ($14.95 each x 2 = $29.90), and 2 sumbawa grasses ($16.95 each x 2 = $33.90). At the very least, this arrangement would cost $96.65. Yikes!

The two places I recommend for floral pieces are Michael’s and Hobby Lobby because they both have a wide selection and frequently run promotions (50-80% off!). Currently, both stores are offering 50% off ALL Christmas décor including florals. What a steal!

Start with a pretty vase.

Acorn spray look-alike (8 total). 50% off–>$18

Use wire cutters to trim to appropriate length. 

The height is imporant. If stems are too long you will end up with a “floppy” look. No bueno. 

You want the fullness to be just above the mouth of the vase. Make sure you have enough pieces to fill it out completely. 

Instead of adding a “harvest bunch” (leaves, barley, and pinecones) use metallic leaves for that Christmas look! 4 total // 50% off–>$28

What a difference!

Stunning!! All for ONLY $38
Simple, huh?? The acorn spray look-alike pieces are perfect for fall, but can easily transition to Christmas. Use the harvest bunches in the fall and swap them out for metallic leaves at Christmas. Place your creation on the dining room table, kitchen island, or entryway table.

I encourage you to use your favorite store’s displays or look-books for inspiration and create your own hack! Your creation may not turn out exactly the same, but that’s what will make yours unique and perfect in its own way:) What are your favorite hacks? Thanks for reading!


The Best Gifts for the Home Decorator

Hey y’all! Still have some Christmas shopping to do? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts for your “home decorator” friend or family member, but honestly, they are great gifts for anyone. When I’m brainstorming gift ideas I try to think of something functional and useful.

Home Decorator Gift Guide
1. Toaster // 2. Herbs // 3. Voluspa Candle // 4. Garden & Gun Magazine // 5. Reindeer Ornaments
  1. The Retro Toaster

How cute is this retro toaster by Smeg?? Kitchen appliances are extremely practical gifts and this retro line is making them more stylish than ever! Gone are the days of getting out and putting away the toaster with each use. Now you can leave it on the counter as an adorable accent piece! (Pssst, this is on my personal Christmas list. Hehe)

  1. Potted Herbs

I got my first set of herbs last spring and instantly fell in love. Not only do they smell wonderful, but they can be useful for cooking, too! I recommend rosemary because it is a perennial plant that will come back year after year. At Lowes they have rosemary bushes that have been shaped like Christmas trees—how sweet! Make sure to choose a pretty planter to go along with it!

  1. Voluspa candles

You really can’t go wrong giving candles. Voluspa is my new favorite brand. All the scents smell great (rich and fresh, but not overpowering) and their various packaging is really cute. They look perfect on the coffee table or in the powder room. You can find them at Nordstrom or online at amazon.

  1. Magazine subscription

It’s the gift that keeps giving! This is something that people don’t typically buy for themselves (unless they are bored at the airport), so gift someone with a year subscription to Southern Living or Garden and Gun (Only $19.98 for 1 year!). They will be thanking you all year long!

  1. Ornaments

Ornaments can be really sentimental gifts. My best friend started a tradition by giving me one every year. I love unpacking my Christmas decorations and being reminded of my sweet friend! I’ve talked about where to buy ornaments in a previous post, but hit up your local gift store or Etsy for something more personalized!

What are some of your favorite gifts this year?? I would love to hear them! Thanks for stopping in…happy shopping;)


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Christmas Décor Update

I’ve finally wrapped up Christmas decorating around the house, y’all! It definitely feels more like Christmas now. Only 19 days to go!!


Originally, I got artificial, snow-frosted garland for the table and it was a complete mess. I opted for my own tree trimmings instead (beware of sap!). They haven’t started drying up or shedding yet, so in the meantime it looks great! I’m ready to have a dinner party! Who’s in? ( Farmhouse Dining Set // Burlap Wrapped Tree // Stoneware // Placemats // Napkins //Napkin Rings // Candlesticks //  Glass Candle Jars )


Gotta have candles!! All my candlesticks and jars are from Target. The small gold jars are $3 (in stores only) or get similar ones here. I had plans to add even more candles, but they happen to be stashed in a cabinet behind my massive, double-wide tree . I won’t be attempting to retrieve those; otherwise, I would have an entirely new “A Christmas Tree Nightmare” post to write.


The stoneware is a boxed set from Target. I chose this color because it works with any season. Win:)


Aren’t these antler napkin rings the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? My bestie got them for me for Christmas (we exchanged early). They were just what I needed to finish off the dining room décor. They look great with my shimmer napkins and play off the garland perfectly. I’m glad I’ll be able to use them beyond Christmas, too!


Ok, I had to throw a picture of sweet Santa in here, too! Ho, ho, ho.


Again, I used tree trimmings for garland on the mantle. The wooden reindeer were gifts from Kevin’s mom! So adorable. They are from a local shop in Greenville, SC, but you can find some similar ones here.


The snowflake lights were the perfect final touch on the mantle!


I mentioned how great these stockings from Restoration Hardware were in a previous post. I love the fur and the monograms turned out just how I wanted them!


When I mentioned to my mom that I was having trouble finding a nativity set, she sent me this in the mail. It is a nativity that my grandmother gave her when I was a little girl. I have fond memories unpacking it and helping arrange each piece under the wooden manger. The manger is now broken, so I used this rustic advent calendar as a temporary background, but the simple, white pieces really speak for themselves. I’m so grateful to have this heirloom that I can pass down one day, too! Thanks mom:)

What are your favorite Christmas heirlooms? If you haven’t decorated for Christmas yet, it is not too late! Most shops already have their Christmas decorations on sale, so go for it! Thanks for reading everyone:)


A Christmas Tree Nightmare

I was really anxious to start decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving, so Monday night Kevin and I went to pick out our Christmas tree. Mind you, I grew up with an artificial, pre-lit tree, so this was all new for me. Kevin, on the other hand, always had real trees, so it was important to him to keep up the tradition. Here are a few things I’ve learned about real Christmas trees (the hard way):

  1. Not all trees are the same. First, we looked at Pike because a neighbor told us they were running a special ($40 for a 9 footer). I ran around the place pointing at this one and that one, only to have Kevin tell me that it wasn’t “full enough” or that it was “almost dead.” Sheesh, who knew what all went into picking out the right tree? Clearly, this was a serious situation. We ended up going to a tree lot instead, where they had trees shipped in from Boone, NC (pretty legit). I could tell right away that these trees were much higher quality (and also double the price). I was learning so quickly!
  2. They are expensive. This might be obvious, but the tree is going to die (duh), so you can’t keep it for next year (bummer). This means every year you dish out $$ for a new tree. The tree we ended up getting was $80 (Kevin talked them down to $75, woohoo!). It’s huge! So huge that the tree dude couldn’t fit the stump on to our tree stand. He sat there shaving away at the bark and knots until it finally fit. Then he says, “I tried to preserve the bark, so that the tree would still drink water.” Wait, what?
  3. They are messy.

Part 1: Water. So apparently you have to water the tree everyday. Kevin went out of town for work, so I was left to care for the tree (great, as if I need another responsibility). I filled up a big cup of water and army crawled under the massive tree to get to the stand. I poured and poured and then, I felt a splash. Luckily, we had a special inner tube, water-catcher, tree mat thingy under the tree in case of spills, but SOMEHOW water still managed to leak underneath on the hardwood floors. Crap. This tree is huge and heavy, so moving it was not an option. I gave it a test nudge with my foot, forgetting that the stand was filled to the brim with water, and even more water sloshed out. Seriously? I felt like I was babysitting a vomiting child and failing miserably. 20 tiny pushes and 5 towels later, I cleaned up the water.

Part 2: Sap. Like, real trees have sap. The tree dude was nice enough to send me home with tree trimmings that I could use around the house (I chose the mantle and dining room table). It only took me snipping a few pieces to get sap all over my hands, which I then proceeded to wipe on my shirt. Bad decision. Not to mention it doesn’t come off, not even with soap. Fail.

Part 3: Pine needles. They’re everywhere. I guess I’ll be vacuuming daily. Major fail.


I’m going to call this our “double-wide tree.” I was so glad that Kevin already had tree lights and several ornaments to get us started. I bought a set of base ornaments and added in a few others to complete our collection (can you spy my favorite feather ornaments?) In general, I stuck with white, metallic, pops of red, and burlap ribbon. It may not be a perfect, “designer tree,” but its our tree and that’s what makes it special. I’ll always remember it as my first, real tree.


This is a 54″tree skirt from Target and it is still a touch too small for the double-wide. I’m thinking about having one made next year instead, but this one will do for now:)

Needless to say, I’ve learned that Christmas decorating is not easy. Just when you think you’re finished, you find more to add, which means more to buy. Our tree is so huge that the tree skirt we had was too small. Naturally, I strolled to Michael’s (my one-stop-shop) in search of a new one. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the larger size I was looking for (fail), but they did have a 70% off doorbusters sale (win). I left with an entire buggy full of new Christmas items. Oops. Even with all the new stuff, the house is still a work in progress, but I’ll share with you what I’ve done so far! My hope is that by next year I’ll have all the kinks worked out and I’ll be able to decorate all at once. Fingers crossed!

Poinsettias might be my favorite flower. Our realtor gave us this one for Christmas! I was so thrilled. I love it! (Garland // Stocking)
I love the simplicity of pinecones! These are cinnamon scented..mmm:) My “garland” is made from the tree trimmings. I’m not finished with the dining room, but I’ll share more pictures soon! (Candlestick // Placemats // Stoneware)
Florals, florals, florals. I change mine out every few months to coordinate with the season. These are from Michael’s. (Milk bottles & crate — similar)
I spruced up the entryway table with a couple of Charlie Brown trees. How cute are those miniature ornaments and jingle bells?! (trees // mason jars)


Keep me updated on your Christmas decorating progress! Do y’all opt for real or artifical trees?? Thanks for reading, y’all!