DIY 5 Minute Christmas Floral Arrangement

If you’ve been reading along, you may have noticed that I have a thing for florals. I use them wherever I can around the house and change them out frequently to coordinate with the seasons. However, it is not necessary to swap them out completely  since fall and winter florals can easily overlap and spring and summer florals can practically be interchangeable. Read on to see how you can make a floral arrangement in less than 5 minutes!

The idea for this post came when my mom visited me in Charlotte last October.  While she was here we do what all mothers and daughters do best: shop.  As we strolled through Crate and Barrel, I giggled at the bundles of decorative “logs” that they were selling for $30 a pop. Seriously? They are sticks that I can pick up from the backyard. However, we both admittedly loved their various floral arrangements (some that even included the dang sticks). Crate and Barrel has some drool-worthy furniture and one-of-a-kind accent pieces, but some things such as floral arrangements are just not worth breaking the bank over, in my opinion. So here it is, Contemporary Charm’s first “Crate and Barrel hack.”

This is the original inspiration from Crate and Barrel. Keep on reading to see how I recreated this look for a fraction of the price and gave it a Christmas twist!
I’m unsure exactly which pieces and how many were used in this particular arrangement, but my best guess is 4 oak acorn sprays ($10.95 each x = $32.85), 2 harvest bunches ($14.95 each x 2 = $29.90), and 2 sumbawa grasses ($16.95 each x 2 = $33.90). At the very least, this arrangement would cost $96.65. Yikes!

The two places I recommend for floral pieces are Michael’s and Hobby Lobby because they both have a wide selection and frequently run promotions (50-80% off!). Currently, both stores are offering 50% off ALL Christmas décor including florals. What a steal!

Start with a pretty vase.

Acorn spray look-alike (8 total). 50% off–>$18

Use wire cutters to trim to appropriate length. 

The height is imporant. If stems are too long you will end up with a “floppy” look. No bueno. 

You want the fullness to be just above the mouth of the vase. Make sure you have enough pieces to fill it out completely. 

Instead of adding a “harvest bunch” (leaves, barley, and pinecones) use metallic leaves for that Christmas look! 4 total // 50% off–>$28

What a difference!

Stunning!! All for ONLY $38
Simple, huh?? The acorn spray look-alike pieces are perfect for fall, but can easily transition to Christmas. Use the harvest bunches in the fall and swap them out for metallic leaves at Christmas. Place your creation on the dining room table, kitchen island, or entryway table.

I encourage you to use your favorite store’s displays or look-books for inspiration and create your own hack! Your creation may not turn out exactly the same, but that’s what will make yours unique and perfect in its own way:) What are your favorite hacks? Thanks for reading!


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