DIY Decorative Mason Jars

Hey y’all! Sorry for being MIA. Our pup had surgery last week, so between that, work, and Christmas shopping I’ve had my hands full! Anyway, as promised here is a DIY tutorial on decorative mason jars. I made these jars a while back just for fun and now they are a staple in my décor! Anyone can master this DIY project, seriously. Not only is it easy, but it’s fun and relatively inexpensive! Similar items sell on Etsy for $40 or more per set…yikes!

What you need:


  • Mason jars (any size and any brand, but I prefer pint size Ball brand)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Acrylic paint colors of your choice. I love Martha Stewart’s multi-surface satin acrylic craft paint. I have several different colors that I love. I recommend starting with a set (like the one linked here) to save money!

  • Foam brush
  • Large watercolors paint brush (it doesn’t have to be an expensive one!)
  • Fine sandpaper (P220)
  • Burlap, decorative rope, or ribbon
  • Artificial flowers or other accents of your choice

I purchased all of my items at Michael’s, but any craft store will carry these.

What to do:

  1. As with any paint project, layout plenty of newspaper or a drop cloth. Start with the mason jars upside down and use the sponge brush to paint a rough coat of chalkboard paint over the entire surface of each jar. It does not have to be completely black. Allow 1 hour to dry. (Waiting, is the hardest part!)dsc00764
  2. Once dry, paint each jar with the paint color of your choice using the watercolors paintbrush. I prefer to hold the jar by the rim while I paint from the bottom of the jar, up the sides. Then I place the jar rim-side down and paint around the rim. Be careful not to glob the paint! Wait 1 hour to dry before repeating this step and painting a second coat. Depending on the color of paint you may need a third coat.
    This is an acrylic glitter paint (notice the rough texture). I do not

    recommend this paint for this particular project. It did not coat well and distressing at the end was nearly impossible. Stick with a satin finish paint. Lesson learned!;)

  3. Before distressing your jars you must allow the last coat of paint to dry over night or for at least 5 hours. Sanding too soon will peel the paint off in big chunks and then you’ll be sad. Use a fine sandpaper to gently distress the jar. You’ll notice that the paint comes off over the lettering and any raised surface on the jar and will show the black chalkboard paint underneath. There is no science to distressing other than trial and error, but honestly you can’t mess this up!
    The metallic paint I tried (left) also didn’t coat well, but distressed ok at the end. Again, I recommend sticking with acrylic satin paint 

    for the best results. Colors by Martha Stewart: (metallic champagne // glitter candy apple)

  4. Lastly, tie bows with ribbon or rope around each rim. Fill the jars with any flower or accent of your choice.dsc00613

    This is the end result using the satin paint. Much better. Be sure to change out your flowers and ribbons with the season to make use of them all year long! Paint colors by Martha Stewart (satin): putty // caribbean blue // wet cement

TIP: Feel free to paint any glass jar in the same fashion. I painted a makeup brush jar and a set of bathroom storage jars the same way! If you prefer a matte look, distressing is not required. For a glossy finish, forgo the sanding and seal with a coat of mod podge.

There are several glass painting techniques and this is one of many. What other techniques have worked for you??

Thanks for reading, y’all. Only 6 days until Christmas!!


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