Making the Perfect Bed 101


Growing up, I hated making my bed. It just didn’t make sense to me. I started making my bed voluntarily when I was 22 or 23 because with the stress of pharmacy school I found that having my room clean and my bed made up created a more tranquil environment and it was an aspect of my life that I could control (whoa, let’s not get too deep here). Even if I don’t have time to make my bed look fancy, simply straightening up the sheets and pulling up the blankets makes all the difference in the world! I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t make my bed everyday, but in my spare bedrooms I want it to feel inviting and cozy for my guests, so I always have the beds looking polished. However, there’s more to making a bed than just throwing on the sheets and a comforter. Here’s a crash course:

Sheets. You may think that sheets don’t matter since they are the bottom layer and can’t be seen. I would encourage you to try a sheet with a pattern or a pop of color. I love these Threshold sheets from Target. They are so soft and I’m always getting asked where they are from! They come in several different patterns and are on sale now! I prefer to keep the sheets pulled to the top and tucked in neatly on all sides of the bed.


Blanket or quilt. This is a step a lot of people leave out, but it is a vital component needed to create a layered look. I would go with a solid, neutral color here. Feel free to choose a nice texture though! Again, Threshold has this affordable quilt (also on sale!!) that comes in gray (shown) or cream. Another great option is a simple, knit blanket. I like tucking this layer in on all sides (along with the sheets), but folding down at the top to show the pretty sheets underneath.

By tucking in the sheets and quilt, you are able to show off the bed frame! If you don’t have a frame, you can let the quilt hang long or get a bed skirt.

Coverlet, Duvet or Comforter. I’m guessing you already have this piece of the puzzle. Personally, I like to fold it (in half or in thirds) and lay across the foot of the bed. Comforters are easy (no assembly required), but duvets give off a “fluffier” look. This gray and white comforter is also from Target (surprise, surprise). Now, you’ll start to see the layers come together!img_8815img_8813

I’m a big proponent of mixing and matching colors and patterns. I love the diamond quilt in combination with the striped comforter.

Euro Shams. I didn’t use euro shams on this bed because I don’t want them to cover up the headboard, but generally speaking they will match your duvet, comforter, or quilt. They serve as the base to your pile of pillows and are typically the largest of all the pillows.

Standard/King Pillows. These usually match the sheets and are the ones you rest your pretty head on at night. You have two options: stand them upright and layer them or lay them flat and stack them.

Stand and layer
Flat and stack (I prefer this)

Throw pillows. My favorite part!! Check out my previous post about throw pillows, how to mix and match, and where to buy them. I love Motif Pillows on Etsy. Their pillow covers are beautiful and I love all the fabrics!


Throw blanket. This part speaks for itself. Just throw it on and you’re done!

Throw blanket from Crate and Barrel

Viola! Now you havethe perfect, polished bed! Where is your favorite place to buy bedding? What are your tips and tricks? Share them in the comments! Thanks for stopping by.


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