How to Incorporate Green into your Home Decor

Decorate your home with green by incorporating indoor plants and flowers

Decorate your home with green by incorporating indoor plants and flowers
Hey y’all! It is March and I’m in the mood to think green. So, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a few posts to incorporating green into your home decor. Let’s start with the obvious: plants.

Green may not be a “neutral color,” but plants go with everything. They just do. You didn’t uproot that tree in your front yard because it didn’t match your house, right? If you are intimidated by live plants, you can opt for a pretty vase of fresh flowers or even an artificial arrangement–your options are endless!

These boxwoods come in different shapes and sizes. Click the picture to see more!

Faux boxwood plants are my go-to right now. They are perfect for accenting on shelves or end tables. Plus, no watering required! I love this one by Smith & Hawken from Target. P.S. There is a wreath version, too!

Not sure where to start adding plants around your home? Snatch some ideas from some of the pictures I’ve rounded up below!

Add pops of green with plants on a shelving unit
Fixer Upper // Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images
Put a tall house plant in the corner to add green to the room
The Inspired Room
Add live plants to your space for a pop of color
We Are Scout
Simply Grove
Place of my Taste
Indoor plants look great on a desk or in an office area
The Jungalow
Classy Clutter










I’m so excited to head to Lowe’s this weekend and pick up some new house plants! [nerd] Now that you have an idea how plants are easily incorporated into home decor, stay tuned for a post on which house plants you should invest in. Thank you for reading!



The 5 Best Home Décor Magazines

Five home decor magazines you need to be reading!

Pinterest has taken over the world, y’all. I wish I had invented it because it is just pure genius, but let’s not forget where that name came from. Remember when we used to tear out pages of magazines and “pin” them on our bulletin board or circle things we loved in bright red marker? I miss that. There’s something about the glossy pages and clean smell that make thumbing through a magazine or catalog more enjoyable than just clicking “save” or “like.” Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest [hey, you can even pin the pictures on this page!], but today I’m going back in time to tell you about some of my favorite home decor magazines that are worth reading.

The 5 Best Home Decor MagazinesThe 5 Best Home Decor Magazines

Southern Living

I probably don’t have to explain this one to you. Southern Living’s pages are filled with beautiful pictures of  home décor, gardening tips, and DIY tutorials. I have an ongoing subscription to this magazine because I’m obsessed. I do a little happy dance every month when it arrives. 1 year subscription (13 issues) – $13.95

Garden and Gun

This is a my new favorite. Garden and Gun appreciates sporting culture [did y’all know I like to hunt?], while also offering articles on southern cuisine, home, garden, and travel of the South. This is a great read for men or women. Win! 1 year subscription (6 issues) – $19.98

Elle Décor

You heard right, Elle has a home décor magazine! Their issues focus on design, renovation, and culture. They even touch on celebrity style—very cool! 1 year subscription (10 issues) – $12


If you prefer modern or contemporary design then this magazine is for you. Dwell keeps its reader up to date with the latest trends through gorgeous photography and progressive articles. 1 year subscription (6 issues) – $19.95

The Magnolia Journal

Mann, she did it again. Joanna Gaines has a magazine!! The only downer is that it only publishes four times a year. I missed out on the premiere issue, but I signed up for a subscription and am anxiously awaiting the spring issue! I’ll get back to you when it finally arrives. 1 year subscription (4 issues) – $20

Catalogs and Look Books
Catalogs and look books worth reading

Catalogs and Look-Books

Am I the only one that has catalogs flooding my mailbox every week?? I used to toss them all in the trash, but lately I’ve found myself flipping through and tearing out pages for inspiration. Remember the entryway table I loved from Crate and Barrel, but ended up buying a similar one at a better price? That is just one example of the countless ideas I’ve gathered from catalogs alone. See, Pinterest isn’t the only way to get those creative juices flowing!

Other noteworthy magazines

  • InStyle Home and Design
  • House Beautiful
  • Market Décor
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Veranda
  • Country Living

What is your favorite home décor magazine? Where do you gather most of your inspiration?

Thank you for reading!

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Knock, knock

Hey everyone! Thank you for stopping by Contemporary Charm. Blogging wasn’t something I planned on getting into, let alone blogging about interior design, but let me explain.

The past four years I’ve been consumed with pharmacy school. Literally. Eat, sleep, breathe, study, repeat. When people asked me what my hobbies were, I never knew what to say. Who has time for hobbies? I might say something like baking or traveling, but never decorating. You see, I lived in an apartment where I didn’t feel the need to “spruce up” because it never felt like my home. I also never felt “creative enough” to style a room and be proud of it (I’m a science geek, c’mon). Instead, I chose to put my spare time and cash into things like shopping and other weekend festivities (no comment). This all changed last May when I finally graduated pharmacy school and moved into a home with my boyfriend Kevin in Charlotte, NC. What was I supposed to do with all this spare time on my hands? I swear, overnight I became smitten by decorating my new house. Ideas of color palettes, pillows, light fixtures, you name it, are constantly flowing through my head. Now, I spend my weekends [window] shopping at HomeGoods and Crate and Barrel. When I discover an online home sale, I get more excited than Christmas morning. Home decorating has not only become my hobby, but something that genuinely makes me happy, and hey, I’m not half bad at it! So now, instead of stressing about studying for boards and finding a job, I’m busy channeling my new found creativity into crafting my perfect oasis. So the short side of the story is, why not start a blog?

After some deliberation and brainstorming, Contemporary Charm was born. The purpose of this blog is to share my personal experience designing and decorating my home as well as provide tips and inspiration that I find helpful for decorating any home. My style is a hybrid of contemporary, rustic, and farmhouse with a hint of charm, of course. More to come on this, but for now I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of my mini home tour! Thanks for reading!

My “Contemporary Cottage”
The Entry — Say hello to my pup, Drake!
Guest Bedroom #1
Guest Bedroom #2
The Dining Room


Disclaimer: Y’all, I’m not a trained interior designer or photographer, nor did I study either in school. I’m just a nerdy pharmacist who happens to enjoy home decorating and wants to share it with you 🙂