My Favorite Jewelry Armoire and Other Jewelry Storage Ideas

How to organize and store jewelry

Jewelry is one of my favorite things to shop for. Why? Because it always fits!!;) Until Kevin got me this Chelsea Armoire from Hives and Honey, I had a problem figuring out how to store all my jewelry. My traditional jewelry box was only big enough to hold my “everyday” jewelry, while my other special pieces were stashed away and forgotten about. I’m so glad Kevin thought to get me this beautiful jewelry armoire for Christmas! It would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, too…hint, hint;)


The top opens like a traditional jewelry box with a mirror. There is plenty of space to hold rings, bracelets, and earrings in this space alone. I put the pieces I wear most often here!


The mirrored cabinets open to reveal several drawers and hooks for necklaces. The drawers provide more than enough space for ALL of my jewelry and some other keepsakes.


Here are some other creative ways to store your jewelry:

Fresh American Style

Dedicate the top dresser drawer to your jewelry. Use drawer organizers to keep everything separate.

Lemonade Makin’ Mama

Keep your necklaces untangled with a simple set of wall hooks or try to make this DIY arrow hanger by Lemonade Makin’ Mama!

Bless’er House

Simply staple chicken wire to the back of a frame to create this adorable earring hanger or buy a similar wall mount here.

Paper & Lace

Utilize trinket trays on your bedside table or bathroom counter to hold your wedding band or other jewelry you frequently wear. Check out these similar feather trinket trays.

Do y’all have any jewelry storage/organization tips? Thank you for reading!


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Makeshift Mudroom

Something I’ve been struggling with lately: clutter. There is a never-ending stack of mail on the counter, shoes all over the house, to-do lists scribbled on scraps of paper, a missing purse, and a horrifying junk drawer (gasp). At first, I attributed the disarray to being in a new house, getting settled in, and figuring out where everything was going to go. Now, I realize that even my massive amount of storage space and a best effort to stay organized is not enough to keep my “daily clutter” in check. A simple mudroom would be the ultimate fix!

mud-room: n. a small room or entryway where footwear and outerwear can be removed before entering a house. Genius, right? You don’t need your shoes or coat in the house, so leave it at the door. I get it, not all houses come with a mudroom, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make one. Pick a space and get creative! A mudroom can be anything from a simple coat rack at the front door to a completely customized room. The best part is, there is no right or wrong way to make a mudroom. Simply incorporate what best suits your needs and tack on that personal touch!

Not sure where to start?

Location: What door do you use to enter/exit the house most often? This is where your mudroom should be. It could be a small space inside the front door, a shared room with the laundry, or an area off the back porch.

Space: Now that you know where your mudroom is going to be, how much space do you have to work with? If it’s a smaller space, consider a tall coat rack paired with a boot tray and a set of wall hooks. If it’s a larger space, use cubbies with baskets, shelving, or additional cabinetry for storage. A bench or sitting area is a nice touch, too!

Get inspired by these darling mudrooms:

AKA Design
Crate and Barrel
Nina Hendrick Blog
Studio McGee

Need more inspiration?  Here’s how I turned my small laundry room into a makeshift mudroom. I wasn’t able to utilize a bench or shoe rack due to limited floor space, but I’m very happy with the items I was able to incorporate!

These industrial hooks are on my list of must-haves. Durable enough to hold my heavy purse along with coats, dog leashes, and more!
These vertical bins were a saving grace. I finally have a place to put all that mail! Plus, find this on sale at Target for $20.99!
The tiny, hidden hooks on the side were a nice surprise! The perfect landing spot for my car keys:)
This calendar chalkboard by Ubrands is so adorable! The white chalk pencils are easy to write with plus the board is magnetic!

What items are you going to incorporate in your mudroom?

Thanks for reading!!