A Trip to Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas

Long time no see, friends! In case you forgot, I have an obsession with HGTV’s Fixer Upper. I know I’m not the only one! Lucky for me, my parents live in Dallas, TX, which is only about an hour and half drive to Waco. Since Magnolia Market opened back in October, I’ve been planning our trip. My mom and sister were totally onboard to go while we were home for Christmas and we even convinced both of my grandmas to tag along too! Here’s what our day trip consisted of…

The Silos. You can see them from a mile away (literally) and that big Texas sky makes for a stunning backdrop. They were left in their natural state (no paint) and draped in lights for the Holidays. I must say, I love the rusty, rustic look;)img_7014

Feed and Seed. A cute little shop situated on the backside of the property among the gardens. Behind rows of planted herbs and veggies, the feed and seed shop sells (you guessed it) flower and vegetable seeds, succulents, pots and planters, gardening tools, galvanized basins, and even birdhouses. It was absolutely adorable.


The cutest little potting shed! Swoon. Get similar red berry wreaths here.

Common Grounds and Play Area. A large part of the property was an open area of turf designated for kids play. Corn hole boards, soccer balls, giant Jenga blocks, and hula-hoops were scattered about to keep the kiddos occupied. They even hung swings on the grain shoot overhead! The Christmas trees were housed up on the main stage where they commonly host concerts and other events. It was the perfect environment for families.


Food. If I could offer any suggestion to the already perfect Magnolia Market, I would say build a restaurant. As of now, they have several gourmet food trucks and picnic tables lined up around the market. The food was yummy, don’t get me wrong, but a dine-in lunch would have been perfect. As it turns out, Chip and Jo are ahead of the game and have plans to build a restaurant later in 2017. I guess they don’t need my advice after all! 😉


Wouldn’t this pavilion be the perfect wedding venue?

The Market. The main attraction. A huge warehouse full of Joanna’s Magnolia line aka Heaven. It had two levels. The first level showcased my favorite home accents including vases, stoneware, wreaths, clocks, tea towels, and more, many of which I recognized directly from the show. Even the display tables were unique and gorgeous. I found out from a staff member that each piece was handpicked by Joanna from local antique shops and were strictly not for sale (cue the sobbing). On the second level they featured Joanna’s paint line by Behr, the Matilda Lane Clothing line (brand new), and Chip’s Corner, which housed “man stuff” like tools and tumblers. Somehow, I managed to walk out of that place only purchasing two souvenir t-shirts (this one and this one). The place was packed out, so my apologies for the lack of quality photos inside the market.

cotton stems // metal canister
ceramic vases
candles // glass vase


Order paint by the gallon here

The Bakery. As if this place could get any more perfect, they throw a bakery into the mix. You were offered the choice between several cupcakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. It was so hard to choose, but I ended up going with the “Nuts and Bolts” cupcake. Simply delicious. We enjoyed our sweets on the patio overlooking the silos. Oh, and more opportunities to buy merchandise. Pin rollers, wooden spoons, tea towels…the list goes on. Can I have it all? Please?dsc00880dsc00881img_7016dsc00890

During my visit, all I kept thinking was how perfect everything was. The concept of Magnolia Market at the Silos was truly genius. I can only imagine the revenue it is creating for the town of Waco, too. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have my “fan girl” moment and feel like I was in some way part of the show. Hats off to Chip and Jo!



Stay tuned for a post about the Magnolia line, where to buy it, and how to replicate it. Happy New Year everyone and thanks for reading!!


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