How to Incorporate Green into your Home Decor

Decorate your home with green by incorporating indoor plants and flowers

Decorate your home with green by incorporating indoor plants and flowers
Hey y’all! It is March and I’m in the mood to think green. So, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a few posts to incorporating green into your home decor. Let’s start with the obvious: plants.

Green may not be a “neutral color,” but plants go with everything. They just do. You didn’t uproot that tree in your front yard because it didn’t match your house, right? If you are intimidated by live plants, you can opt for a pretty vase of fresh flowers or even an artificial arrangement–your options are endless!

These boxwoods come in different shapes and sizes. Click the picture to see more!

Faux boxwood plants are my go-to right now. They are perfect for accenting on shelves or end tables. Plus, no watering required! I love this one by Smith & Hawken from Target. P.S. There is a wreath version, too!

Not sure where to start adding plants around your home? Snatch some ideas from some of the pictures I’ve rounded up below!

Add pops of green with plants on a shelving unit
Fixer Upper // Photo by: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images
Put a tall house plant in the corner to add green to the room
The Inspired Room
Add live plants to your space for a pop of color
We Are Scout
Simply Grove
Place of my Taste
Indoor plants look great on a desk or in an office area
The Jungalow
Classy Clutter










I’m so excited to head to Lowe’s this weekend and pick up some new house plants! [nerd] Now that you have an idea how plants are easily incorporated into home decor, stay tuned for a post on which house plants you should invest in. Thank you for reading!



5 Entryway Decor Must-Haves

The entryway is the first thing guests see when walking into your home, so it is important we make a good first impression. You should spend some time decorating your entryway just as you would any other room in your house. You want it to look pretty and inviting, but functional, too. Here is a list of 5 entryway decor must-haves:

  1. Rug – A rug is a must in an entryway, especially if you have hardwoods or tile. Depending on the size of your space, this may just be a small doormat and that’s ok!

    House of Turquoise
  2. Table or Bench – This is your entryway decor foundation and the focal point of the room (most likely). Luckily, there are no rules! I’ve seen everything from a media console to a small chest of drawers morphed into an entryway table. Benches are also an option, especially if your entryway is doubling as your mudroom.

    Love Grows Wild
  3. Lighting – You can never have too much lighting, in my opinion. A table lamp or floor lamp will provide a welcoming ambiance to your entryway. Feel free to make it symmetrical by adding a pair of lamps instead of just one.

    House by Hoff
  4. Flowers – This is where your “pretty” part comes into play. Flowers, whether real or artificial, are the easiest way to add a pop of color and freshen up the area.

  5. Wall art – Just like any other room, you want to top off the space with a personal touch. Create a gallery wall or hang a large mirror. Your options are endless!
    Life on Virginia Street


     I’ve made some recent changes to our entryway by purchasing a new console table and adding fresh accents. I’m still looking for that “perfect” piece to hang between the tobacco baskets. I’m thinking either a large mirror or a painted canvas with some color. What do y’all think??
A table, flowers, lighting, and wall art are all you need to have the perfect entryway
You can get my blue stone console table here

English Springer Spaniel puppy
I had a little helper during my entryway photo shoot [rug – similar]
A table, flowers, lighting, and wall art are all you need to have the perfect entryway   A table, flowers, lighting, and wall art are all you need to have the perfect entryway A table, flowers, lighting, and wall art are all you need to have the perfect entryway

So, what’s the verdict? Canvas painting or large mirror? Would love to hear your opinion in the comments! Have a great weekend, y’all:)



The 5 Best Home Décor Magazines

Five home decor magazines you need to be reading!

Pinterest has taken over the world, y’all. I wish I had invented it because it is just pure genius, but let’s not forget where that name came from. Remember when we used to tear out pages of magazines and “pin” them on our bulletin board or circle things we loved in bright red marker? I miss that. There’s something about the glossy pages and clean smell that make thumbing through a magazine or catalog more enjoyable than just clicking “save” or “like.” Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest [hey, you can even pin the pictures on this page!], but today I’m going back in time to tell you about some of my favorite home decor magazines that are worth reading.

The 5 Best Home Decor MagazinesThe 5 Best Home Decor Magazines

Southern Living

I probably don’t have to explain this one to you. Southern Living’s pages are filled with beautiful pictures of  home décor, gardening tips, and DIY tutorials. I have an ongoing subscription to this magazine because I’m obsessed. I do a little happy dance every month when it arrives. 1 year subscription (13 issues) – $13.95

Garden and Gun

This is a my new favorite. Garden and Gun appreciates sporting culture [did y’all know I like to hunt?], while also offering articles on southern cuisine, home, garden, and travel of the South. This is a great read for men or women. Win! 1 year subscription (6 issues) – $19.98

Elle Décor

You heard right, Elle has a home décor magazine! Their issues focus on design, renovation, and culture. They even touch on celebrity style—very cool! 1 year subscription (10 issues) – $12


If you prefer modern or contemporary design then this magazine is for you. Dwell keeps its reader up to date with the latest trends through gorgeous photography and progressive articles. 1 year subscription (6 issues) – $19.95

The Magnolia Journal

Mann, she did it again. Joanna Gaines has a magazine!! The only downer is that it only publishes four times a year. I missed out on the premiere issue, but I signed up for a subscription and am anxiously awaiting the spring issue! I’ll get back to you when it finally arrives. 1 year subscription (4 issues) – $20

Catalogs and Look Books
Catalogs and look books worth reading

Catalogs and Look-Books

Am I the only one that has catalogs flooding my mailbox every week?? I used to toss them all in the trash, but lately I’ve found myself flipping through and tearing out pages for inspiration. Remember the entryway table I loved from Crate and Barrel, but ended up buying a similar one at a better price? That is just one example of the countless ideas I’ve gathered from catalogs alone. See, Pinterest isn’t the only way to get those creative juices flowing!

Other noteworthy magazines

  • InStyle Home and Design
  • House Beautiful
  • Market Décor
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Veranda
  • Country Living

What is your favorite home décor magazine? Where do you gather most of your inspiration?

Thank you for reading!

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My Favorite Jewelry Armoire and Other Jewelry Storage Ideas

How to organize and store jewelry

Jewelry is one of my favorite things to shop for. Why? Because it always fits!!;) Until Kevin got me this Chelsea Armoire from Hives and Honey, I had a problem figuring out how to store all my jewelry. My traditional jewelry box was only big enough to hold my “everyday” jewelry, while my other special pieces were stashed away and forgotten about. I’m so glad Kevin thought to get me this beautiful jewelry armoire for Christmas! It would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, too…hint, hint;)


The top opens like a traditional jewelry box with a mirror. There is plenty of space to hold rings, bracelets, and earrings in this space alone. I put the pieces I wear most often here!


The mirrored cabinets open to reveal several drawers and hooks for necklaces. The drawers provide more than enough space for ALL of my jewelry and some other keepsakes.


Here are some other creative ways to store your jewelry:

Fresh American Style

Dedicate the top dresser drawer to your jewelry. Use drawer organizers to keep everything separate.

Lemonade Makin’ Mama

Keep your necklaces untangled with a simple set of wall hooks or try to make this DIY arrow hanger by Lemonade Makin’ Mama!

Bless’er House

Simply staple chicken wire to the back of a frame to create this adorable earring hanger or buy a similar wall mount here.

Paper & Lace

Utilize trinket trays on your bedside table or bathroom counter to hold your wedding band or other jewelry you frequently wear. Check out these similar feather trinket trays.

Do y’all have any jewelry storage/organization tips? Thank you for reading!


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How to Shop for Furniture Online

We live in a world where there are never enough hours in the day. Dedicating an entire Saturday to furniture shopping just isn’t reasonable. Thank the lawd for the World Wide Web! [praise hands] I talked about the beauty of buying home décor from Amazon in a previous post, but have you ever considered buying furniture online? These days, you can literally buy your new sofa during your lunch break and free up your Saturday for more important things (cocktails, anyone?). If you are looking to order furniture online, here are some tips to get you started!

  • Looks are deceiving. It is hard to tell the true size, color, and quality of furniture from a computer screen. There is always a risk involved with ordering online, so keep that in mind!
  • Know dimensions. You may love something, but if it doesn’t fit correctly in your space then you are wasting your time and money. I keep a list of room dimensions and ideal furniture sizes in my phone for reference!
  • Know materials. There is a big difference between solid wood and wood laminate. Deciding on your material will also help you set your budget. As far as couches and other upholstered items go, you may be able to request a swatch of the material to get an idea of the true color and texture.
  • Read reviews. Don’t trust every review you read, but do trust trends. If the majority of reviewers are saying the same things then it’s worth believing.
  • Shipping and handling charges. Furniture is heavy, so it’s no surprise that shipping can get pricey. I’m sure you’ve seen the Wayfair commercials that advertise their free shipping program. Be on the look out for free shipping promotions because it can save you a pretty penny!
  • Is pick up available? This may be your best option! Some stores allow you to order/reserve and pay online and then pick up at the store or warehouse within a certain time frame. This way, you avoid any shipping and handling fees.
  • Is assembly required? I don’t know about y’all, but there are just some things I don’t want to assemble. I got a new office chair the other day that was a cakewalk to put together, but a home entertainment center or a large shelving unit may not be worth the hassle, in my opinion. If you want to tackle it on your own, make sure you are equipped with the right tools, of course. (Today, I’m thankful for my power drill, amen)
  • Does my coupon apply? Woohoo 15% off Crate and Barrel! I’m going to use it on that headboard I’ve been waiting to buy. Hold your horses. Unfortunately, many coupons do not apply to furniture (sad day). Make sure you read the fine print, y’all.
  • Ask questions. Most websites have FAQs for specific products or give the option of submitting a question to a customer service representative. Get all your questions answered before you jump to purchase! Remember the surcharges, shipping fees, and hassle that will all be lost in the end if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Know your return policy. Ok, so you took a shot at ordering furniture online and you just don’t like it. Let’s make sure your item is returnable and if so, know how much time you have.

Shop for furniture online:


Dwell Studio – Modern, yet chic style. Free shipping over $49















Horchow – More upscale, but worth a look!


WayfairFree shipping on everything [photo credit: Love on Sunday]


World MarketIn store pick-up available  [photo credit: houseologie]


ZGallerie – Unique finds

Overstock – Wide selection; great for basics

Where have y’all had success ordering furniture online? Post in the comments below! Thanks for reading:)


Stylish Desk Accessories and Accents for Your Home Office or Work Space


[ Desk (similar) // Chair // Lamp ]

For me, doing work at home seems a little more enjoyable when you have a pretty office space. Last summer when I was studying for pharmacy boards, I decided to repaint my black desk a mint green in an attempt to get more excited about studying (it kind of worked). After I passed boards I had no desire to sit at that desk anymore, but now that I’m blogging, I really needed a place to “do work” other than the couch. So, here I am back at the mint desk, but this time I added some adorable accessories and accents to complete my workspace retreat.


[ Trinket Trays // Scissors ]

Trinket trays. Instead of fumbling through drawers for a paperclip, sticky note, or earphones I’m utilizing a stylish “catch all” for convenience and organization. These diamond trinket trays from Plum and Post are absolutely adorable. I love the different colors and the crisscross pattern on the bottom. Since they come as a set of three you can use them all over your home! I’m thinking bedside table for jewelry, bathroom counter for lip gloss, or entryway table for car keys. The best part…they are on sale now for only $7.80!! Be sure to check out the other trinket tray shapes/styles they have here.


Frame ]

Inspirational Quote. We all need that pick me up from time to time and there’s no perfect place than right on your desk. Remind yourself why you are awesome; you deserve it! You can get free printable quotes and other pretty pictures from Fab ‘N Free or download my “Follow Your Arrow” creation by clicking here. Be sure you top it off with a chic frame like this one! It’s only $15 and I love the Aztec print! Plum and Post has several frames on sale right now, so pick the one that best suits your style. You can never have too many frames, right?


Clock // Owl ]

Functional Décor. I’m all for [what I like to call] functional décor. Wall clocks are great statement pieces and, what do you know, they tell time, too! This whimsical clock was just what I needed to hang above my desk. It would look great in a bedroom or dining room also.

Ok, how cute is this owl?? I thought he looked perfect next to the clock. Since he is made of wire, you can use him as a “pinning board” so to speak. Use paperclips or clothespins to attach reminder notes, business cards, or even pictures. You know where else he would look great? A nursery! Did I mention he is only $4.40?


Pretty pencils and gold scissors. Basically, it is all you need to conquer the world. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Oh, and chocolate. A lot of chocolate.


Most of the items mentioned above can be found at or use the links provided. Plum and Post is a home and garden company that carries the cutest pieces of furniture, bedroom décor, and other interior accents all at a very affordable price! If you love this stuff, be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook page to see how you can enter to win $25 off your purchase! 

What are your must-have desk accessories? Comment below!

Thank you, Plum and Post, for sponsoring today’s post!


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Amazon Fixer Upper Look-a-Likes

I may be a little late on this one, but y’all, Amazon has saved my life. They have anything you could ever want or need and for the best price out there! I even started ordering dog food from there to save myself the trip to PetsMart. My point? Amazon also carries a TON of home décor items and furniture, which got me thinking: why am I not utilizing this more for decorating?? Since I’m on a big Fixer Upper kick (read more here and here), I thought it would be fun to round up some Fixer Upper look-a-likes from Amazon. Most of the items were inspired from the Magnolia Line and various Fixer Upper episodes which, of course, reflect a farmhouse decor style.

1. Measuring cups // 2. Candlestick // 3.Clock // 4. Boxwood plant // 5. Wire basket // 6. Scale // 7. Decorative ladder // 8. 3-tier tray // 9. Kitchen canisters
  1. Colorful measuring cups. Joanna loves to use colorful bowls and dishes to display on open shelving or behind glass cabinets. How cute are these measuring cups?
  2. Candlesticks. Candlesticks are a complete no-brainer. Put them on a dining room table, shelves, entryway table, or anywhere.
  3. Wall clock. Clocks are something I like to call functional décor. They make a great statement piece and they also tell time. Win, win! 😉
  4. Boxwood plant. No matter what style your home is, it can always use some greenery. Boxwoods are simple, clean, and pretty. Succulents are another great option!
  5. Wire basket. Joanna is all about making a space functional, so why not organize your pantry, craft room, or playroom with stylish baskets? If you aren’t a fan of the wire, go with a wicker basket or a galvanized metal bin.
  6. Kitchen scale. This adds the perfect rustic touch to your kitchen décor!
  7. Decorative ladder. The ladder from the Magnolia line is metal, but I love this one because it is made out of reclaimed wood! Organize your throw blankets or use it in the entryway or mud room for jackets and scarves.
  8. 3-tier tray. A tiered tray is perfect for displaying beautiful cupcakes or keeping fresh fruit within a hand’s reach (ok, but I prefer the cupcakes).
  9. Kitchen canisters. Personally, I like having my baking essentials and coffee (ain’t nobody got time to fumble through cabinets for that!) easily accessible on the kitchen counter.

If you really want to step up your Amazon game, consider purchasing Amazon Prime. It is totally worth the $99 annual fee to get FREE 2-day shipping (sometimes free same-day shipping…say what?) and get the bonus movie/tv show library (similar to Netflix). Get a free 30 day trial using this Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial” target=”_blank”>link.

What are your favorite things to buy on Amazon? Who loves their Prime account? Thanks for reading! Come back tomorrow to see how I finished off my office space with some adorable desk accessories and accents.


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Making the Perfect Bed 101

How to Make the Perfect Bed


Growing up, I hated making my bed. It just didn’t make sense to me. I started making my bed voluntarily when I was 22 or 23 because with the stress of pharmacy school I found that having my room clean and my bed made up created a more tranquil environment and it was an aspect of my life that I could control (whoa, let’s not get too deep here). Even if I don’t have time to make my bed look fancy, simply straightening up the sheets and pulling up the blankets makes all the difference in the world! I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t make my bed everyday, but in my spare bedrooms I want it to feel inviting and cozy for my guests, so I always have the beds looking polished. However, there’s more to making a bed than just throwing on the sheets and a comforter. Here’s a crash course:

Sheets. You may think that sheets don’t matter since they are the bottom layer and can’t be seen. I would encourage you to try a sheet with a pattern or a pop of color. I love these Threshold sheets from Target. They are so soft and I’m always getting asked where they are from! They come in several different patterns and are on sale now! I prefer to keep the sheets pulled to the top and tucked in neatly on all sides of the bed.


Blanket or quilt. This is a step a lot of people leave out, but it is a vital component needed to create a layered look. I would go with a solid, neutral color here. Feel free to choose a nice texture though! Again, Threshold has this affordable quilt (also on sale!!) that comes in gray (shown) or cream. Another great option is a simple, knit blanket. I like tucking this layer in on all sides (along with the sheets), but folding down at the top to show the pretty sheets underneath.

By tucking in the sheets and quilt, you are able to show off the bed frame! If you don’t have a frame, you can let the quilt hang long or get a bed skirt.

Coverlet, Duvet or Comforter. I’m guessing you already have this piece of the puzzle. Personally, I like to fold it (in half or in thirds) and lay across the foot of the bed. Comforters are easy (no assembly required), but duvets give off a “fluffier” look. This gray and white comforter is also from Target (surprise, surprise). Now, you’ll start to see the layers come together!img_8815img_8813

I’m a big proponent of mixing and matching colors and patterns. I love the diamond quilt in combination with the striped comforter.

Euro Shams. I didn’t use euro shams on this bed because I don’t want them to cover up the headboard, but generally speaking they will match your duvet, comforter, or quilt. They serve as the base to your pile of pillows and are typically the largest of all the pillows.

Standard/King Pillows. These usually match the sheets and are the ones you rest your pretty head on at night. You have two options: stand them upright and layer them or lay them flat and stack them.

Stand and layer
Flat and stack (I prefer this)

Throw pillows. My favorite part!! Check out my previous post about throw pillows, how to mix and match, and where to buy them. I love Motif Pillows on Etsy. Their pillow covers are beautiful and I love all the fabrics!


Throw blanket. This part speaks for itself. Just throw it on and you’re done!

Throw blanket from Crate and Barrel

Viola! Now you havethe perfect, polished bed! Where is your favorite place to buy bedding? What are your tips and tricks? Share them in the comments! Thanks for stopping by.


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Home Goals 2017

Does anyone else love the “goals” hashtags? Such as… #homegoals #decoratinggoals #lifegoals #squadgoals or simply #goals I’m not sure why, but it always puts a smile on my face and I find myself using them all the time. Anyway, instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions, I started to come up with a list of #goals for my home this year. It’s really more of a to-do list, but I think it will help me get the ball rolling on some projects I’ve been looking forward to. I can’t wait to share my progress with y’all throughout the year, too! So here it is: Contemporary Charm’s #HomeGoals2017

Goal 1: Have an awesome vegetable garden. Last summer, Kevin and I took a stab at gardening. We built a raised garden bed (ok, Kevin built it), bought some small plants, and took some unsolicited advice from the garden staff member at Lowes. It was so much fun to watch our plants grow throughout the summer, but we clearly had no clue what we were doing. We had the most success with our cayenne pepper plant, which produced peppers like crazy! Kevin eats them plain (hot!), but I used them in guacamole, salsa, and even sautéed veggies. He uprooted the whole plant and made a home for it inside this winter because he loves it so much (it’s kind of cute). The cucumber plant, on the other hand, was a little monster. It grew in every which direction, taking down our poor squash plant, even swindling around blades of grass in the yard. No one told us it was a vine. #fail Nonetheless, it produced several cucumbers that we got to enjoy. This spring, we have plans to move the garden bed into a sunnier spot in the yard to hopefully have better success with growth and producing fruit. Any and all gardening tips are welcome!;)


Goal 2: Decorate the upstairs living space. I’ve never shown y’all our upstairs common area. The reason being that we just have odd furniture in there and it doesn’t really serve a purpose yet (other than the fact that we have my old school Super Nintendo hooked up and we play it on occasion). I want to establish a purpose for the room and make better use of it this year! Some ideas I have for it are:

  • Game room – we don’t have children, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to play!;) Since we already have the Nintendo hooked up, it might be fun to get a foosball table or shuffleboard to have for entertaining guests.
  • Man Cave – Kevin has his taxidermy and sports paraphernalia in his office, so I’m not sure that he needs additional space for his “man stuff,” but I’m willing to consider it!
  • Sitting room/additional living – I know, this is kind of boring, but I think it was the builder’s intention for the space to be an extra living room.


This is the way the room was staged before we moved in (not my furniture). Like I said, now it has our old couch, a TV, and a couple of side tables, but I want to spruce it up! I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas for this space, so I can start tackling it in 2017!

Goal 3: Complete the laundry room. In one of my first posts I talked about turning my small laundry room into a makeshift mudroom. It’s been great so far!  However, I would love to install a functional shelf above our washer and dryer to round everything off.  Here are few of my inspirations…


Cherished Bliss


Angies Roost


Thrifty Decor Chick

Goal 4: Create an outdoor living space. Our house has a pretty neat covered back porch, but the space is too small to hold our dining patio set and rocking chairs, so we want to extend it by adding a concrete or paver patio at the base of the stairs.  Kevin wants to screen in the back patio, but my vote is to keep it open and airy. That’s a discussion for another day though;)


What are your #homegoals for 2017? Share them in the comments below..I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading:)


Where to Buy Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Line

We have Joanna Gaines to thank for the emergence of farmhouse décor, rustic accents, and of course shiplap. The viewers of Fixer Upper loved Joanna’s style so much that she created her own line called Magnolia so that we could bring her personal touches into our homes. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to visit the famous Magnolia Market in Waco, TX, you can still get your hands on some items from the Magnolia line! Here’s how:

*Side Note: I visited Magnolia Market last month and still wasn’t able to bring home all the beautiful things I wanted due to shipping cost. However, the trip to Waco was still well worth it and I highly recommend going! If you missed my post about my visit you can read it here.*

Visit the Magnolia Market Website:

After visiting the Market myself, I realized that the online selection was limited in comparison. However, the most popular pieces such as the signature magnolia wreath, cotton stems, metal script wall expressions, and many other must-haves are available. You’ll have to visit the market to taste one of the yummy cupcakes from the Silos Bakery though!;)screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-10-12-27-pm


Signature Magnolia Wreath // Photo Credit: Ashley Wilson/Getty Images
Cotton Stems // Photo Credit: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images
Handmade Metal Quote Sign // Photo Credit: HGTV

Find Retailers that Carry Magnolia:

Many local furniture stores are starting to carry Magnolia! For those of you that live in the Carolinas, Rug and Home will be your best bet. I stopped by the Rug and Home in Asheville, NC, to check out what was available and was pleasantly surprised with the selection. I found everything from a window frame, serving trays, rugs, pillows, and other accents. Other locations are: Gaffney, SC and Kannapolis, NC (near Charlotte).screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-10-19-56-pm

Some snap shots of Magnolia items found at Rug and Home. I’m loving the unfinished window frame!

Find Look-a-Likes

As much as I love this line, I have to admit that there are plenty of similar products out there. With the lack of widespread availability, I highly recommend taking advantage of retailers that are catching on to the Fixer Upper style. Before the Magnolia line was created (circa Fixer Upper Season 1 and 2) Joanna utilized many recognizable brands such as Target and Wayfair. I also recommend visiting the HGTV website and exploring the Fixer Upper photo galleries. Some pictures allow you to “shop the post” to find similar furniture, wall decor, and lighting that are shown in each picture. Super convenient!

Where is your favorite place to find Fixer Upper home decor?