How to Shop for Furniture Online

We live in a world where there are never enough hours in the day. Dedicating an entire Saturday to furniture shopping just isn’t reasonable. Thank the lawd for the World Wide Web! [praise hands] I talked about the beauty of buying home décor from Amazon in a previous post, but have you ever considered buying furniture online? These days, you can literally buy your new sofa during your lunch break and free up your Saturday for more important things (cocktails, anyone?). If you are looking to order furniture online, here are some tips to get you started!

  • Looks are deceiving. It is hard to tell the true size, color, and quality of furniture from a computer screen. There is always a risk involved with ordering online, so keep that in mind!
  • Know dimensions. You may love something, but if it doesn’t fit correctly in your space then you are wasting your time and money. I keep a list of room dimensions and ideal furniture sizes in my phone for reference!
  • Know materials. There is a big difference between solid wood and wood laminate. Deciding on your material will also help you set your budget. As far as couches and other upholstered items go, you may be able to request a swatch of the material to get an idea of the true color and texture.
  • Read reviews. Don’t trust every review you read, but do trust trends. If the majority of reviewers are saying the same things then it’s worth believing.
  • Shipping and handling charges. Furniture is heavy, so it’s no surprise that shipping can get pricey. I’m sure you’ve seen the Wayfair commercials that advertise their free shipping program. Be on the look out for free shipping promotions because it can save you a pretty penny!
  • Is pick up available? This may be your best option! Some stores allow you to order/reserve and pay online and then pick up at the store or warehouse within a certain time frame. This way, you avoid any shipping and handling fees.
  • Is assembly required? I don’t know about y’all, but there are just some things I don’t want to assemble. I got a new office chair the other day that was a cakewalk to put together, but a home entertainment center or a large shelving unit may not be worth the hassle, in my opinion. If you want to tackle it on your own, make sure you are equipped with the right tools, of course. (Today, I’m thankful for my power drill, amen)
  • Does my coupon apply? Woohoo 15% off Crate and Barrel! I’m going to use it on that headboard I’ve been waiting to buy. Hold your horses. Unfortunately, many coupons do not apply to furniture (sad day). Make sure you read the fine print, y’all.
  • Ask questions. Most websites have FAQs for specific products or give the option of submitting a question to a customer service representative. Get all your questions answered before you jump to purchase! Remember the surcharges, shipping fees, and hassle that will all be lost in the end if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Know your return policy. Ok, so you took a shot at ordering furniture online and you just don’t like it. Let’s make sure your item is returnable and if so, know how much time you have.

Shop for furniture online:


Dwell Studio – Modern, yet chic style. Free shipping over $49















Horchow – More upscale, but worth a look!


WayfairFree shipping on everything [photo credit: Love on Sunday]


World MarketIn store pick-up available  [photo credit: houseologie]


ZGallerie – Unique finds

Overstock – Wide selection; great for basics

Where have y’all had success ordering furniture online? Post in the comments below! Thanks for reading:)


Stylish Desk Accessories and Accents for Your Home Office or Work Space


[ Desk (similar) // Chair // Lamp ]

For me, doing work at home seems a little more enjoyable when you have a pretty office space. Last summer when I was studying for pharmacy boards, I decided to repaint my black desk a mint green in an attempt to get more excited about studying (it kind of worked). After I passed boards I had no desire to sit at that desk anymore, but now that I’m blogging, I really needed a place to “do work” other than the couch. So, here I am back at the mint desk, but this time I added some adorable accessories and accents to complete my workspace retreat.


[ Trinket Trays // Scissors ]

Trinket trays. Instead of fumbling through drawers for a paperclip, sticky note, or earphones I’m utilizing a stylish “catch all” for convenience and organization. These diamond trinket trays from Plum and Post are absolutely adorable. I love the different colors and the crisscross pattern on the bottom. Since they come as a set of three you can use them all over your home! I’m thinking bedside table for jewelry, bathroom counter for lip gloss, or entryway table for car keys. The best part…they are on sale now for only $7.80!! Be sure to check out the other trinket tray shapes/styles they have here.


Frame ]

Inspirational Quote. We all need that pick me up from time to time and there’s no perfect place than right on your desk. Remind yourself why you are awesome; you deserve it! You can get free printable quotes and other pretty pictures from Fab ‘N Free or download my “Follow Your Arrow” creation by clicking here. Be sure you top it off with a chic frame like this one! It’s only $15 and I love the Aztec print! Plum and Post has several frames on sale right now, so pick the one that best suits your style. You can never have too many frames, right?


Clock // Owl ]

Functional Décor. I’m all for [what I like to call] functional décor. Wall clocks are great statement pieces and, what do you know, they tell time, too! This whimsical clock was just what I needed to hang above my desk. It would look great in a bedroom or dining room also.

Ok, how cute is this owl?? I thought he looked perfect next to the clock. Since he is made of wire, you can use him as a “pinning board” so to speak. Use paperclips or clothespins to attach reminder notes, business cards, or even pictures. You know where else he would look great? A nursery! Did I mention he is only $4.40?


Pretty pencils and gold scissors. Basically, it is all you need to conquer the world. That’s all I’m going to say about that. Oh, and chocolate. A lot of chocolate.


Most of the items mentioned above can be found at or use the links provided. Plum and Post is a home and garden company that carries the cutest pieces of furniture, bedroom décor, and other interior accents all at a very affordable price! If you love this stuff, be sure to check out my Instagram and Facebook page to see how you can enter to win $25 off your purchase! 

What are your must-have desk accessories? Comment below!

Thank you, Plum and Post, for sponsoring today’s post!


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Home Goals 2017

Does anyone else love the “goals” hashtags? Such as… #homegoals #decoratinggoals #lifegoals #squadgoals or simply #goals I’m not sure why, but it always puts a smile on my face and I find myself using them all the time. Anyway, instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions, I started to come up with a list of #goals for my home this year. It’s really more of a to-do list, but I think it will help me get the ball rolling on some projects I’ve been looking forward to. I can’t wait to share my progress with y’all throughout the year, too! So here it is: Contemporary Charm’s #HomeGoals2017

Goal 1: Have an awesome vegetable garden. Last summer, Kevin and I took a stab at gardening. We built a raised garden bed (ok, Kevin built it), bought some small plants, and took some unsolicited advice from the garden staff member at Lowes. It was so much fun to watch our plants grow throughout the summer, but we clearly had no clue what we were doing. We had the most success with our cayenne pepper plant, which produced peppers like crazy! Kevin eats them plain (hot!), but I used them in guacamole, salsa, and even sautéed veggies. He uprooted the whole plant and made a home for it inside this winter because he loves it so much (it’s kind of cute). The cucumber plant, on the other hand, was a little monster. It grew in every which direction, taking down our poor squash plant, even swindling around blades of grass in the yard. No one told us it was a vine. #fail Nonetheless, it produced several cucumbers that we got to enjoy. This spring, we have plans to move the garden bed into a sunnier spot in the yard to hopefully have better success with growth and producing fruit. Any and all gardening tips are welcome!;)


Goal 2: Decorate the upstairs living space. I’ve never shown y’all our upstairs common area. The reason being that we just have odd furniture in there and it doesn’t really serve a purpose yet (other than the fact that we have my old school Super Nintendo hooked up and we play it on occasion). I want to establish a purpose for the room and make better use of it this year! Some ideas I have for it are:

  • Game room – we don’t have children, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to play!;) Since we already have the Nintendo hooked up, it might be fun to get a foosball table or shuffleboard to have for entertaining guests.
  • Man Cave – Kevin has his taxidermy and sports paraphernalia in his office, so I’m not sure that he needs additional space for his “man stuff,” but I’m willing to consider it!
  • Sitting room/additional living – I know, this is kind of boring, but I think it was the builder’s intention for the space to be an extra living room.


This is the way the room was staged before we moved in (not my furniture). Like I said, now it has our old couch, a TV, and a couple of side tables, but I want to spruce it up! I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas for this space, so I can start tackling it in 2017!

Goal 3: Complete the laundry room. In one of my first posts I talked about turning my small laundry room into a makeshift mudroom. It’s been great so far!  However, I would love to install a functional shelf above our washer and dryer to round everything off.  Here are few of my inspirations…


Cherished Bliss


Angies Roost


Thrifty Decor Chick

Goal 4: Create an outdoor living space. Our house has a pretty neat covered back porch, but the space is too small to hold our dining patio set and rocking chairs, so we want to extend it by adding a concrete or paver patio at the base of the stairs.  Kevin wants to screen in the back patio, but my vote is to keep it open and airy. That’s a discussion for another day though;)


What are your #homegoals for 2017? Share them in the comments below..I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading:)


Steals and Deals on New Furniture

Happy New Year, y’all! I hope everyone enjoyed spending time with their families and friends over Christmas. I had a great time in Dallas with my family and spent NYE at home in Charlotte with some good friends. It was perfect!

Over the weekend, I made some big girl purchases that I’m eager to share with y’all. Kevin discovered a local furniture store and we stopped by on a whim, not expecting to get anything. A truckload later we made it back to the house with our new furniture. Oops…BUT, I have really great reasoning behind each purchase (duh).

Entryway Table

The entryway to our home is HUGE. When we viewed the house for the first time, it was staged with furniture to aid with the selling process (y’all know what I mean). The table used in the entry was 90” long (dang!) I knew our petite 30” console wasn’t going to fill the space, so this was a piece I’ve been on the hunt for.

I fell in love with this table at Crate and Barrel, but was hesitant due to the price tag ($1099).


I thought about utilizing a 15% off coupon on several occasions, but never mustered up the guts to get it. I’m glad I didn’t because we found this beauty.


I added wicker baskets underneath for extra storage.

Look familiar? A 71″ long bluestone top console with a pine base and distressed finish. Literally it has the same dimensions, same materials, same everything (except a few minor details) as the table at Crate and Barrel. The best part: it was only $595 – almost half the price of the other table! This goes to show that with a little patience and some digging, you can have beautiful, well-made furniture at an affordable price.

Dining Room Server

Not long ago, we purchased our dining room table from Macy’s. We opted not to get the matching server in hopes of making the space a little more unique. We wanted something brighter since the dining set is a dark stain. I also wanted a piece with clear, glass windows to showcase pretty dishes and china (one day). Again, I’ve seen several I like, but none at the right price point…until now.

Cape Cod kitchen island
Next on the list: fill those cabinets!
Harvest white paint with distressing


$725 for this solid mahogany buffet (compare to this $1050 similar buffet on Wayfair). I love the versatility of this piece! This beauty is technically a kitchen island. Yep, it’s functional from both sides (drawers, cabinets, etc). It can also be used at a TV console, entryway table, or bedroom piece. For now, I’m loving it in our dining room!

A Small Side Table

In the master bedroom, we have a lounge chair that we never use. Actually, it usually gets piled high with pillows and clothes (guilty as charged). I wanted to make the space more functional, so when I saw this side table I knew it would be the perfect piece to turn my piled up chair into a quiet reading nook. It even has a pull out shelf…how cute!

Eton 2 drawer side table
lounge chair // basketweave pillow // lamp and shade


At first, $135 seemed like a lot for a small table, but considering that places like Pier 1 sell similar tables of much lesser quality (like this one) for $100 or more, I decided it was a good deal. I can’t wait to curl up by the window with a good book!

About Bramble furniture

Great quality furniture!! Find a retailer that carries it here. Be warned that the price points at my local store were significantly lower than the retail prices found online. Always do your research! Most pieces can be customized to any color (but may take up to 6 months to receive). We took these pieces right off the showroom floor instead of waiting for a new one to ship. That was just my excitement getting the best of me. Hehe:)

Thanks for stopping in!


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